I'm Jason, an enthusiastic web developer and software engineer with a passion for problem solving.



A Brief History

I'm Jason. I live in Timaru, New Zealand with my partner and two children. I moved to New Zealand with my family early 2006 from the UK and have never looked back.

I first discovered my passion for web development back in 2003 whilst still in high school. After building a few simple websites for friends at school, and trying my hand at C++ and Delphi and there started a life-long passion with programming.

I've always been an avid problem solver and philomath (a lover of learning). As far back as I can remember I've also questioned how things work and pondered on ways in which things can be improved upon.

I built my first computer when I was 14 and gained a good understanding of all the hardware components within fit & worked together. However, this was only the start. Once installed Windows XP, I wanted (needed) to know how the software worked too.

I jumped on to Amazon and bought the first programming books that's popped up in the search - "Teach yourself C++ in 24 hours" & "Beginning Programming".

A few days later the books arrived and I was away. I installed the "Dev C++" IDE and a few minutes later I had "Hello World" popping up in a terminal window on my PC.

Fast-forward a few years, and I turned that curiosity in to a passion, and that passion in to my day-to-day job.

Since those early days of C++, I've mostly worked with technologies used in web development including (but not limited to) C#, PHP, Javascript, Elixir & Go, and recently some machine learning using Python and TensorFlow.

Having programmed for around 15 years I consider myself a reasonably experienced web and software developer with a strong focus on back-end technologies. The past 5+ years has seen me specialising large scale SaaS applications & complex BI (Business Intelligence) tools.