Jason Morton


Web Developer & Software Engineer

Canterbury, New Zealand

I'm an enthusiastic and passionate software developer who loves solving challenging problems and building great products.

General Skills

I am a enthusiastic person who works hard and pays attention to detail. I'm flexible, quick to learn new skills and eager to learn from others. I also have lots of ideas, the ability to think outside the box and tackle all tasks with a positive attitude.

  • Professional, dedicated and efficient
  • Positive outlook and attitude to learning
  • Dedicated to the principle of quality before quantity
  • Great at spotting opportunities and thinking outside the box
  • Ability to clearly & simply explain & express technical concepts
  • High degree of enthusiasm
  • Pragmatic approach to all tasks
  • A good team player with a positive attitude
  • Great written and oral communication skills
  • Brilliant at prioritising tasks and managing time

    Software Development

    As a keen software developer I've worked with a number of different languages from C# to Go, but PHP is the language I enjoy them most (despite it's quirks).

    • Advocate for modern CSS using LESS & SASS
    • Experience with relational database design and many SQL flavours
    • Familiar with a range of IDE's and editors from PHPStorm to Vim
    • Strong and well formed understanding of system & software architecture
    • Well versed at utilising tools such as Composer, Gulp, NodeJS, Vagrant and Docker
    • Expert with PHP, the Laravel framework and Symfony components
    • Experienced practitioner of Test Driven Development
    • Seasoned Git user familiar with branching models such as GitFlow
    • Highly proficient with JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, AngularJS, VueJS and ReactJS
    • Strong understanding of object oriented design, design pattern and SOLID principles

    Systems Administration / Linux

    Understanding the infrastructure that your software runs on is vitally important, so naturally getting to grips with server provisioning, maintenance and automation has played a important role in my daily duties.

    • Good understanding of scalability
    • Strong understanding of system tools
    • Ability to fine-tune system performance
    • Advocate for automation and Continuous Integration
    • Experience with scripting languages including Bash and Python
    • Security conscious
    • Knowledge of AWS and Digital Ocean
    • Familiar with a variety of Linux distributions
    • Proven ability to assess problems & research solutions
    • Proficient with provisioning tools such as Ansible and Chef



    Senior Web Application Developer, July 2016 - present

    Zumo2 is a business intelligence tool, which automates the process of retail pricing for pharmacies throughout Australia.

    Develop and maintain the Zumo2 platform and business intelligence applications. Developing Zumo2 involves working with PHP (7), Laravel (5.x), Javascript, MySQL, Redis and AWS.

    • Managed the development, staging and production server infrastructures on AWS
    • Refactored and optimised code for increased performance, and maintained large scale databases.
    • Worked with "big data" sets and complex data structures whilst optimising for speed, efficiency and performance.

    OpenCopy / Demand

    Senior web application developer, July 2016 - December 2016 is a SaaS based web application that allows film creators and promoters to build and sell custom screenings and sell tickets globally.

    Design, architect and build the new SaaS web application with scalability and internationalisation in mind. Developing involved working with PHP (7), Laravel (5.x), Javascript, MySQL and DigitalOcean.

    • Implemented internationalisation, multi-currency and multi-gateway (payment) support throughout the SaaS application
    • Developed API for external usage, and integrated with third-party API's such as Veezi
    • Design, architect and build large scale online cinema ticketing and sales platform for Leap Frog Productions, Australia

    Tectonic / Award Force

    Web application developer, February 2014 - October 2016

    Award Force is an industry-leading SaaS application for awards, grants and much more.

    Develop and maintain the next generation of the Award Force platform to include multi-tenancy and internationalisation. Developing Award Force involved working with many AWS services, PHP (5.x - 7.x), Laravel (3 - 5.x) and Javascript and more.

    • Developed and maintained a multi-tenanted, multi-lingual application using technologies such as PHP, Laravel and AngularJS.
    • Worked in an agile environment, using test-driven development and continuous integration
    • Utilised external tools and services such as Imgix and AWS S3 & Elastic Transcoder.

    Design Sight

    Web developer, February 2012 - January 2014

    • Built custom web applications for clients ranging from content managements systems to ecommerce stores
    • Led meetings with clients to gather requirements and layout manageable plans
    • Worked with clients to refine ideas and produce minimum viable products


    Web developer, January 2008 - January 2012

    • Managed, maintained, and developed web applications, ecommerce stores, and content management systems
    • Handled VPS hosted, SSL management, DNS settings and load balancing implementations
    • Worked on upgrading legacy web application, and building micro-sites